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February 2, 2012


Over the past 18 months, DataX has been working diligently to assure the quality and accuracy of its consumer credit data. As a result, we have launched the Quality Assurance Audit and Report Card program. This unique tool is provided to all DataX clients on a quarterly basis. The QA Audit reflects the quality of consumer credit data as reported back by lenders and entered into the DataX databank.


Ultimately, if this data is not reported, or is reported incorrectly, it can adversely affect the consumer’s risk profile and impede underwriting rules. Good predictability comes from clean and accurate data that properly reflects consumer behavior. At DataX, we know that with accurate readings of consumer behavior and patterns, we can help our clients discern between low and high risk consumers, thus providing lending intelligence for profitable performance.


As online lenders are non-traditional service providers for specialty financial products such as payday loans, cash advances and small dollar loans, they will be subject to increasing government oversight and regulation. That’s why DataX strongly encourages all online payday lenders to take the reporting process very seriously. The quality and precision of consumer credit data is vital to the lending industry.


To that end, the Quality Assurance Audit and Report Card program upholds DataX’s mission to provide superior consumer credit reporting. Trust DataX to assist you with the most advanced risk assessment solutions, and to show you how to get the most out of their complimentary, quarterly Quality Assurance Audit and Report Card.


For additional information contact:  Eric Agrelius at 1-800-295-4790 or sales@dataxltd.com.


Press Releases

DataX Unveils New Advanced Solutions for Mitigating Risk and Lead Fraud

Enhancing Company’s Robust Suite of Services for the Specialty Consumer Finance Industry

LAS VEGAS, NV – April 22, 2013 – Today, DataX [www.DataXLtd.com], the industry-leading real-time credit reporting agency and data verification provider, begins offering clients an advanced feature for assessing risk and preventing lead fraud. By adding FraudScan2.0 to its robust suite of services, DataX, a Selling Source LLC company, now increases a lender’s ability to make the most knowledgeable decisions possible when purchasing leads or making loans in the specialty finance market.


By analyzing disparities between IP addresses, time zones and geolocation, in conjunction with user behavior and fraudster behavior, FraudScan2.0 uses a two-part advanced technology system to isolate fraudulent activity before additional verification is required and unnecessary costs are accumulated – resulting in larger profits for lenders.


“Our partnership with Fraudlogix , and iovation Inc., further advances our capabilities to protect lenders and consumers from fraud,” said Jessica Tillman, Executive Vice President, Operations for DataX, Ltd.  “We are excited to offer this advanced fraud solution and partner with some of the most innovative players in the market.”


According to Fraudlogix’s Founder, Hagai Shechter, “Addressing a problem of this scope requires tools that can keep pace with the growing sophistication of fraudulent affiliate activity.”  He adds, “We’re able to detect hacker footprints with greater regularity – even as they continue to update their strategies”.


About Fraudlogix

With offices in the U.S. and Israel, Fraudlogix is a privately held company that uses proprietary algorithms, internal database cross-checks, and world-class data infrastructure to detect affiliate fraud attempts overlooked by traditional data verification and IP-based systems.  For more information, visit http://fraudlogix.com/


About DataX Ltd.
DataX, Ltd., a Selling Source, LLC company, specializes in developing industry-leading risk management services.  With the most advanced Credit Reporting bureau in the market, DataX offers its clients a uniquely sophisticated, cost effective approach to fraud prevention and risk management. For more information, visit www.DataXLtd.com.


About Selling Source, LLC
Selling Source, one of the largest privately-held digital marketing companies in the United States, provides customer acquisition and data services. The company operates proprietary, scalable technology platforms to cost effectively deliver a substantial volume of precisely targeted, real-time sales leads while maximizing return on investment for advertisers and publishers. Continually expanding its broad online reach via an array of diverse branded web properties, as well as through external partner relationships, the company attracted over 550 million visitors to its branded web properties in 2010. Selling Source has a strong, varied client base and specializes in two key verticals: Consumer Specialty Finance and Performance-based Marketing.


London Bay Capital, a private equity firm based in San Francisco, acquired a controlling interest in Selling Source in December 2007. For more information, please visit www.SellingSource.com.


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