DataX is an industry leading credit reporting bureau, committed to delivering premier financial management solutions and leads the market in providing high quality actionable business intelligence; enabling businesses to reliably assess risk while maximizing profitability.

We tailor and customize our solutions to fit the needs of each industry as we understand there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Who We Help
Specialty Finance

Our services and solutions provide our customers with:

  • A complete multi-dimensional view of your customer

  • Crucial intelligence to identify high, moderate, and low risk consumers, with custom tailored analytics and modeling.

  • Valuable insight on thin file and no file consumers

  • Ability to approve more while spending less

  • Lower consumer acquisition costs

  • Increase revenue opportunities

Rent / Lease-To-Own

Your success begins and ends with DataX.  Our customized solutions offer:

  • Assess customer application risk without pulling a major bureau credit report

  • Speed up the application process with an automated digital application

  • Enhance the customer experience

  • Ability to provide real-time data

  • Locate hard to find individuals – alternative numbers such as home, cell & POE phone numbers appended

  • Optimize business performance


Marketplace Lending

Our customized and innovative product solutions offer:

  • Know Your Customer

  • Cost effective product solutions

  • Mitigate risk and maximize opportunity

  • Analytic Support, including risk modeling, quality audits, profit and loss analysis, monitoring and testing

  • Outstanding Customer Service

  • Customized and innovative product solutions


Enhance your collection efforts with our innovative solutions:

  • Contact hard to find individuals – home, cell & POE phone numbers appended

  • Assist in prioritizing calling efforts

  • Identify more right party contacts (RPC’s)

  • Utilize proprietary DataX data that’s proven to be valuable and cost-effective

  • Address and email appends

  • Access to specialty finance customers



Our marketing solution includes demographic and contact information data appends along with criteria driven list generation services as a FCRA and ECOA governed service.

  • Leverage alternative data to qualify prospective consumers for preapproved credit offers

  • Improve offers and product matches resulting in better marketing campaign performance

  • Increase response and conversion rates resulting in reduced investment, higher revenue, and improved profitability

  • Utilize your list to pre-qualify consumers for firm offers of credit