DataX is an industry leading credit reporting bureau, committed to delivering premier financial management solutions and leads the market in providing high quality actionable business intelligence; enabling businesses to reliably assess consumer and business risk and maximize profitability. 

The insights gleaned from our services allow businesses to “know your customer” (KYC), manage risk proactively, safeguard their business and consumers from fraud, lower consumer acquisition costs, increase revenue opportunities, and customize analytics to manage business performance.

While also focusing on the positive attributes as well, we help you identify your best prospects. Take advantage of the vast amount of data we have available, don’t pass on the opportunities it brings!  

We have the intelligence you need to be successful.

What We Do
Know Your Customer
Know Your Customer

How well do you know your customer?

In today’s highly regulated environment, businesses need reliable data to better asses their customers, while achieving industry best practices. Can your customer fulfill their financial obligations?

With access to more than 300 million consumers and a robust set of metrics, let us evaluate if your customer can fulfill their transactions. DataX can help you understand a clear picture of what your customer’s data is trying to tell you.  

Let us show you how.

Credit Risk Mitigation
Credit Risk Mitigation

As an FCRA-regulated Credit Bureau, DataX champions responsible reporting and consumer risk assessment, while providing the most up-to-date, accurate credit data available. Gain crucial intelligence to identify high, moderate, and low risk consumers, with custom tailored analytics and modeling.

Leverage a massive, proprietary consumer database to provide valuable insights on consumers not covered by traditional credit information sources through the utilization of a sophisticated technology platform offering superior client flexibility and customization with real-time decisioning to maximize performance while minimizing costs.

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Fraud Prevention
Fraud Prevention

Do you know if your customer is who they say they are?  With high-tech fraudsters on the rise, rest assured we are here to help mitigate your risk with the next generation of real-time authentication tools.  Without proper verification, businesses are at risk of financial loss and can suffer from costly regulatory actions. 

Reduce your exposure to fraud and profitably grow your business. We specialize in deploying innovative and customized risk analytics and understand there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. You have specific needs and so do your customers.

Learn how to profitably grow your business with DataX.